Our Story


I began to travel many years ago with my husband and children. I then realized that travel was going to be part of my life forever. I entered the business 25 years ago and have been with Worldwide Golf & Travel (now Worldwide Cruise & Travel) in Newport Beach since its inception in 1994. Now, as Owner, I am as determined as ever to see the rest of the world.

I have personally traveled by land and by sea to the most sought after destinations in the world. Let us be your guide to the wonderful world of travel by offering you our expertise, insider knowledge and personalized service you deserve.

- Bobbi Felsot, Owner/Luxury Travel Advisor



Signature Travel Network Partnership

We belong to the very prestigious Travel Consortium, Signature Travel Network. Signature has partnered with some of the top cruise lines, tour operators, wholesalers and hoteliers all positioned to provide our clients with the most seamless travel experiences. Signature’s base of 6,000 Travel professionals collectively generate sales in excess of $7 billion annually. This means buying power that translates into the best prices and the most amenities for our clients.

Initially created by a group of like-minded agency owners in 1956, Signature Travel Network® has continued to attract the travel industry's most successful and prominent retailers.

We proudly serve a broad and diverse base of retail travel companies, including many of the nation's top multi-location, market dominant organizations; single location boutique travel specialists; cruise-only agencies: and top internet-based marketers.